Posted: 9/18/2011


A few days left of summer on the calendar and we have wrapped up all the pickling projects. Many herbs have been dried and we are preparing to make our herbal syrups in the next few days. The tomitillas and horseradish need a little more time in the ground - here's hoping we don't have an early frost. We've harvested seeds for next spring's garden; but, we can't get ahead of ourselves as we still have a fabulous Fall ahead and some folks are already praying for snow and making reservations for Winter holidays!


#1. Betsy - Posted: 10/6/2011 06:49:05 PM
Summer is holding...all pickles are canned/jarred - depending on your region. We still have Sun Gold tomatoes on the vine. Garlic is in; horseradish this week. many dried herbs are ready to crush and we'll get the remainder in this week. The last of the lavender is in bloom...buds are great in our homemade cleaning recipes and for sachets, baking, even martinis. Seeds have been harvested for friends, guests, and next year. While we hate to see it all come to an spring will be here soon!
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