Congratulations on your engagement!  If you are reading this, then you have considered our lodge for your wedding venue or event.  We receive a lot of inquiries and hope to answer many of the common questions asked below:

Q: How many people can we host? 

A: We can host up to approximately 35 people in our backyard – so Summer would be the best time for groups of this size.  We can seat a maximum of 22 people inside our dining room.  Our parking lot can fit a total of 10 vehicles.

Q: How many rooms need to be reserved to host a wedding at Good Medicine Lodge?

A: We require the entire lodge be reserved due to the nature of large group events.  We want to ensure that all of our guests have access to the entire lodge and can fully utilize our amenities.  This is difficult to do when only some of the guests staying are included in the group event.

Q: How many guests total can stay at the lodge?

A: We have a total of nine rooms with enough beds to comfortably sleep a maximum of 22 people.

Q: Do you have any wedding packages with pricing?

A: We do not.  Please reach out to discuss any particular items or services you would like us to assist in coordinating with you.  We would price the additional services according to what your needs are.

Q: Do we allow children or dogs?

A:  We do have a couple of rooms that can accommodate children of any age.  However, we have a maximum occupancy in the rooms and a couple of the larger rooms do not allow children, so the availability is limited.  We do not allow pets of any kind.  Sorry, we wish we could, but we have a commercially licensed kitchen, and the Health Department does not allow it.

Q: Can we use the commercial kitchen or bring a caterer in to serve us food?

A: Since we do take great pride in our breakfast and all the prep that goes into it, plus the fact that it is commercially licensed, we take precaution when offering the use of our kitchen.  For catering, we allow a licensed caterer to utilize our kitchen and dining room.  We ask that the caterer stop in a couple of days prior to the event to discuss our expectations on the use of our commercial space and train on how to use our appliances (if applicable).  We need to ensure that the kitchen and dining room both be cleaned and organized, so that our staff can walk in the next morning and execute breakfast service without issue.  We cannot allow “outside food” to be stored in our refrigerator due to health code issues.  As such, kitchen use for guests is really not something we tend to allow.  Please reach out directly to Sara at (406) 862-5488 with any specific questions on this topic.

Q: What costs would be associated with hosting a wedding at the lodge?

A: This really depends on how simple or big an event you are planning.  The cost includes the whole lodge rental for all the room nights, plus a facility use fee to cover basic clean up and service costs.  Other costs would incur based on the particular requests, services, rentals or lodge uses.

Q: What is included with the whole lodge rental?

A: Everything we normally provide to our guests.  That means a full-service breakfast prepared each morning.  Fresh baked cookies daily along with our fully stocked coffee/tea bar.  A complimentary glass of wine or local Montana beer or drink along with a homemade appetizer for each guest from 3-5pm nightly.  All the amenities that we offer to our guests would be available to your group.

Please feel free to call Sara (406) 862-5488 for additional information and pricing.